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so in 2 EQ u shred 7800 m.armor to zero and have 100% cc on second EQ? cos in current system CC works not before but after dmg

So what is ur problem? U want that 100% on second hit or not?

Non lone-wolf run will not break the armor until the 2nd cast and even if it breaks, it doesn't knock because knock is a physical CC. That's how the skill is kept in powercheck. You either get massive AoE damage or massive CC. Removing the limitation and adding RNG instead just make the skill a "Use and forget" which is the opposite of tactical. Many CC-related and magical skill will suffer from this.

And Lone wolf should never be used for balance. That thing is an issue on an its own and should be nerfed. I don't even need to EArthquake CC that fight with RNG. The darn thing already kills.

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