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And you completely ignore the part about my Earthquake ccing MULTIPLE targets in the suggested system

who said that? or do u know exect numbers of armors in suggested system?

Even with current 1600 and 7800

- first cast of EQ will have 0% CC chance, as it counts before DMG.
- second cast will have:
1 - (1600+7800-4000)/1600+7800 = 43% so u could CC Half of all enemies.
- third cast (like chainlightning+Rain) u will have
1 - (9400-8000) /9400 = 85%

In 3 casts u cant 100% CC all enemies in suggested system

In current system u could CC with 100% chance in 3 or less casts

I just bolded the problematic part for you.

If you can't see why being able to shut the entire team instead of a limited amount of enemies from your combo, it's hard to talk about being tactical.

Not to mention you're using a low physical armor target to make it easy to say "Break armor and CC multiple targets with knock down".

Again actual enemies with a 4-man non lonewolf abusing comp, game-winning skills like Earthquake is almost never used before T2 to guarantee maximum efficiency. When you actually have to consider when to use what skill for best effect, that is tactical. When you just drop multiple of them because "lololtheymightwork", that's not tactical.

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