I tryed.. tryed so hard to like this game.. was saying to myself that those little things that look like trolling dosnt mean this game has bad quality and i can just ignore them but.. they are not and this game is just bad quality.. its like cringy+idiots=cash and the only way to play thins game is just whack anyone in your way without thinking.. strategy without balance just as economy where empty botle for cost twice as one with heath potion.. why care? it fixes the stealing right?.. quests that give you same shitty result no mater what you do.. because you got to stay cringy even if there is logic in way.. fuck logic.. that should be the name of dos 2.. because games are not about enjoyment anymore.. just a way to kill time for idiots.

Yes i am mad but not because this game is shit but because i let myself be scamed into believing that those guys are any different from other.

This game is not better then dos because i actualy enjoyed a part of it and it had sort of balance and actual good work.