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i've seen a poll somewhere here. Around 60% of players think that something NEEDS to be changed. With minor or major tweaks.So...

That number does not mean anything. That poll was most certainly mostly answered by the people who don't like the system. Other people are busy playing instead of whining.

You guys are all taking this way too seriously. This is a single/coop narrative driven RPG. Not a competitive e-sports game.

You have all the right to dislike the system but stop acting like this is serious business, and trying to play game designers.

Enjoy the game or don't, but stop acting entitled and all knowing while you have 0 ideas what it means to create such a huge and complex game.

I can't even imagine what's happening in your life in general to make you lose your time fighting on a forum for that stuff.

PS: I just came here to post about a bug I got. I m going back playing the game and won't check back this thread. You should do the same. Life is more agreeable when you stop being bitter and all revolted about everything.

We discuss the topic because we're invested and interested in the game and want to see it get even better. I play the game and think about what could make it even better because I enjoy it, and I assume most people here do as well despite our different ideas and solutions.