Fane rogue with what a rush and glass cannon talents. Early in the playthrough, build lots of initiative to avoid getting targeted before you have a chance to hide. Using cloak, feign dead, skingraft and fanes special take extra turn source magic, you can pretty much always go invis or lose aggro and you deal absurd ammouts of damage more often then not getting through the armor of any enemy on turn 1, turning them into a chicken and then cloaking yourself to safety.
Additionally, deathwish can be casted on a feign death character without breaking his cover, unlike cloak which is dispelled when damaged. You can imagine how much damage fane can deal, using his source talent to take both deathwish turns in sequence.
You can also cheese using this build and solokill almost any enemy, in case your crew is unagreeable. And you will always have the option of running away when things get rough. Over all great for multiplayer. But sometimes your mates may get annoyed that you arnt tanking.
Interstingly, between gag order, lizard breath(shape shift to lizard) and medusa, you can cc enemies that have predominantly physical armor aswell. The combo costs 8 ap if you start lizard and 9 if you start something else which means that if you start elf or lizard you can use adrenalin and flesh sacrifice to do the combo and cloak afterwards.

On another note, In my experience, the most important thing for a mage is to be independant in selfdefence. She will be the target of the enemy almost every engagement, so build her accordingly. Two points in aero for teleport is essential. After that go Necro + hydro + geo, focusing on hydro or geo which gives you a ton of defensive for armour and magic armour aswell and applying stasis. Also, necro bonewidow is sipoer OP and resist death will keep you even safer.
In my experience hydro is the strongest magic in terms of control. There are multiple spells that apply many instances of chilled, allowing you the chainfreeze opponents effectively. If you have trouble breaking through magic armour yourself, tell your rogues to use gag order. Hell, if you have fane on your party he can always shapeshift to a lizard and burst. Aditionally you need a healer to damage fane, putting him bellow the what a rush threshhold.

Finally archers are alot of fun. Im thinking of trying a glasscannon what a rush fane archer, it may work even better then the rogue.

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