Some randoms QOL's:

When accidentally clicking on something red and it isn't hard to do with moving NPC's, should give you an option to "Cancel" before anything else happens. Or something like that. Like a "I'm just browsing" option.

Coop - Toggle option to see all players Pin Dolls and Stats.
Coop - Toggle option for everyone to have inventory control of each person in a group.
Coop - Separate System Coop - When it is the players turn, make the graphic Flash as well.
Coop - When watching someone elses dialog, you have to scroll up every time they make a choice to see what they do. We have to see that choice on the screen without scrolling up every single time.
Coop - When another goes into a dialog, make a distinct noise on all players screen, the little chat bubble in the left side avatar isn't catchy enough to grab attention.