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Picture an ememy who has 1 magic armor and 99 physical armor (a beefy warrior for example). My party is comprised of magic damage dealers. I am in trouble here.. I cannot effectively magically CC this enemy. He will have a CC resist of 99 percent. Seems odd... the cleche achilles heel of a phsyically imposing, plate wearing warrior is his weakness to magic controlling effects. your system models this backwards. Just my 2 cents.

this is not ingame numbers - 1 and 99
But mages can deal with it cos they have INT scaled phys dmg spells like mosquitoes and others
mages could use warfare INT scaled skills with equiped wands or stufs

and as i know the easiest solution for ur exemple is not to use CC and just kill everything (pyro mage with phoenix dive (-1 ap cost for fire spells standing on fire) +nova,laser,fireboll +exectioner (+2 ap per kill) + adrenaline+ elf + other spells = 1 round of the fight w/o any CC)

CC is not the main problem
Gray and Blue HP bars are doing almost nothing in current system. Almost - cos they could only ruine party cooperations, they dont decrease incoming dmg to HP like armors should do, they could easely be shreded in first round for 100% CC, they are two illogical walls right now etc...

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