No, it's the difference between wanting to use an axe that has a 50% chance of doing 100 damage and a sword that has a 100% chance chance of 50 damage, then being asked to hit a guy with 75 health.

If you're that guy with 75 health, you'd rather face the guy with the sword, especially if you might get healed and survive. If you get one shotted by the axe, you've got shit all for counter measures, healing doesn't matter, you're just waiting to see if you get 1 shotted.

You might prefer using the axe, but you'd hate to face him and there'd be no great strategy behind the axe, it'd just be the axe. That's why systems dictated by rng are bad. Even if you can reduce the odds of getting hit by 20%, it's not a great strategy on either end.

Death, healing and life are what the game is built around. Ressurection is a part of the game. The game is built around life bar management. It's not a difficult concept

gambling on some rng cc affect is not a deep strategic decision. It's just a sign of gambling addiction.