Core Engine Changes ;

1-Hard Core gameplay with making the game non-level difference with no vitality level ups. Every enemy is re-arranged by this factor.

2-All Races Have now Godly Skill at game start which opens Godly skills on used. (Not Optimized for Companion Races as Sebille, Red Prince exc. As they are already in game as companion.)
*Godly Powers will boost your attributes*

3-Modified the Memory slots for more skills.1 Memory point now give 2 skill slots & Starting memory slots are more for all races.

4-All Classes Now have +2 All in civil points & +2 All in Attributes & 3 Talents  [Points can be modified with your selection to specialize]. Don't remove the Savage Sortilege talent at start of the game for full advantage of Godly criticals at your side.

5-New Class Dragon Knight is added to turn into Ice,Fire,Air and Acid Dragons for 1 source point for a limited time.

Dragon Knight starts with 5 Combat ability points (Fire,Water,Earth,Air and Polymorph skills)
*Gaining Dragon Powers will boost your attributes.*
*Using your Dragon Power second time will activate a Dragon boost power.*

*******DYING & FOOD & REST SYSTEM ********

1-If Dead companion is raised by scroll or by necromancy skill ;

Companion will have an injury for 10 turns and adds a permenant Second Chance Curse.If same companion will die again with second chance status then dead is permenant. Story content will be updated for that character. Rules are same for players. If you died with Second Chance Curse game is over.

2-To Remove Second Chance Curse .You will gain a skill called Remove Second status Curse. By sacrificing a resurrection scroll you can remove your second chance curse. Don't forget if you or a companion died with second chance curse then dead is permenant.

3-Resurrection scroll price is x10 times expensive and crafting compenents are changed to 3 orbs of power to make one. 

4-You have a new skill called Release Soul of the dead. You must use your skill to free the soul of the dead & your items. At first usage you will free your items and create a guardian to defend the area by your side. If you use your skill second time on same dead ally then you will create a resurrection scroll near yourself by sacrificing your ally's body. (Don't forget to take your items before you use the skill 2nd time or your items will be destroyed with in the ritual.)

5-You have a skill called Shadow Command ability;
Shadow Command works randomly within order: 1-Starving can be suspended if cast on a starving ally or yourself.2-Second Chance curse can be obtained from target & transfer to a target.3-If you are in a combat you can use your skill to become invisible on yourself or play dead on an ally.4- If you are not in combat then you can order an ally target to magically shadow port to your location by using on yourself or an ally.5-You can boost your summon in combat,

6-If Resurrection scroll is used on another corpse that is not in the party then you can reanimate a corpse to make a demon pact with the soul of the dead to aid you in battles for 5 minutes. After that time it will return into corpse again. There  is no guarantee it will attack you when they are raised. if they remember their old lifes or speak with you , as they are reanimation of dead.

7-Food & Rest system is online;

You have to eat food to live. Make sure you always ate some food or drink and have the status Well-Fed or Well-Drunk for saving from starving otherwise you can get starving status and a few minutes later you will get Malnutrition disease because of starving.

Drinks give 40 turns of Well Drunk status, Food gives 120 turns of Well Fed Status with bonuses to attributes.
If you both drink and eat food then you will get a Perfect Condition status for 160 turns with extra bonuses.

You can suspend Malnutrition before disease is in your blood for 4 turns and also slow the effects of starving by using your Shadow Command on yourself or an Ally WHO already had Starving status.

You need to rest before you enter a combat to take full advantage of rest bonus in combat. If you are damaged  in combat more then %5 of your health 
then you will LOSE your rest bonus at the end of the combat. If you don't have the WellRested status before you entered into combat also if you LOSE %25 or more health then you will get an exhausted status which you can recover by only resting.

Every new update will make the game more stable and balancing .So keep looking for new versions for more stuff. There may be some bugs always check for updates and report bugs !

Racial Skills for All Races (Start a Non-Story Hero) ;
1-Summon Unique creatures, curse your enemy, power yourself or Turn your alies into a demon to aid you.

2-You can gain source point and awaken your Godly Power with your racial skills. (%50 chance to gain Godly Powers & Source point)
Also 4 Godly unique skills will be obtained for 5 turns if you can consume soul power on an enemy. 

3-You can summon Blood Petrifying Spider or Blood Stunning Spider to support you for 8 turns;

They can sacrifice their selves to create from a selection of 6 skills for creating one of orbs to be used with or to be sold.(Also 3 of the orbs needed to create a Resurrection Scroll).They can also create a Guardian from a destroyed dead corpse to aid you in battles. Guardian will stay on guard for that area if not died and you can use your Shadow command ability to take the minion with you.

4-Blood leech skill have %25 chance  to make your target stun & give you extra damage for 2 turns.

5-When you used your Godhood skills,There is a %25 random chance of using your godly Powers and giving you 2 extra action points immediately.

6- Misses & Critical strikes have %25 chance to turn your oponent into chicken & heal you & knockdown your target and curse them with giving you 2 extra action points immediately.

7-Don't forget to take the Savage Sortilege talent at start of the game for full advantage of godly criticals.

8- You can create 2 Skeletal Mage to support you in combat and defend the area for you with cost of 1 source point from a corpse.