The #1 quality of life change the game needs is a larger transparency radius for foreground objects. Ideally, an option in the menu to adjust the radius. As the game is now, the radius to too small to effectively see the player character most of the time, and many objects (like EVERYTHING in the tutorial) aren't rendered transparent at all.

Beyond that, there are some things that mods have already fixed, but that ought to be fixed by Larian in future patches:

2. Enemies' lore values need to be adjusted DOWN, especially on the lower too difficulties. This kind of ruins a Thane playthrough, and really breaks immersion when everyone telepathically knows all of your weaknesses, no matter how low-level they are, or how dumb their character is supposed to be.

3. Only new skills should be automatically added to the skillbar, instead of every single item the moment it's added to your inventory.

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