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50%-100 dmg and 100%-50 dmg...
Devs in a games with RNG will never add an enemy with 75 hp - it would be like 750 hp

Hypotetical exemples that never happens in good games is not something we should talk about

And why u are not asking to remove all RNGs?
(dmg, dodge, crit, liquid appearence, unpredictible terrain, ice stepping, move cost accidently stepping on oil, random autoTP, aviability of TP spots (on highground too), etc)

Seems like u love 13 ingame spells for relocating urself in combat smile almost 100% chance in any time to be where u want to be - tactic! smile

It's about consistency vs gambling, the current system gives a clear flow of battle. Your idea lets things devolve into just dumping shit and praying.

The reason I don't care about some rng is because it's minimally impactful and I can still control it. I'm not walking on a surface and randomly being stunned or poisoned or burnt. I can take the risk if I want to walk on ice, I can precisely walk around oil or take the risk and walk through it.

With your system, all semblance of strategy goes out the window. Give a better tactic than dump shit on people under your system. The game would need to be drastically reworked so that status affects aren't 100% successful inherently.

Rng works in other games because they're carefully built around it being a factor. Dos isn't, Dos2 is built around mitigation and counter play. RNG games also suffer from accuracy being the most important stat to build up, it's not a good system for a strategy game as everyone will want to aim for 100% hit rates anyway

@hucast when you've got no armour, it's pretty fucking tense

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gambling on some rng cc affect is not a deep strategic decision. It's just a sign of gambling addiction.