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Your idea lets things devolve into just dumping shit and praying.

Maybe for u its a shit and praying. For me its more interesting and challenging battles. More tactical decisions. More cross-class cooperations. More logical armor, etc
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The reason I don't care about some rng is because it's minimally impactful and I can still control it.

U could still control CC RNG too, almost 0 and 100% as it was if u have good party builds. But u are to lazy to use ur brain.
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With your system, all semblance of strategy goes out the window. Give a better tactic than dump shit on people under your system. The game would need to be drastically reworked so that status affects aren't 100% successful inherently.

If u think i should give u something better - u wrong. If u think RNG is less tactical - u wrong. If u cant think tacticaly - not my problem. As not my problem how many reworks broken product needs (and its not only about armor system).
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Rng works in other games because they're carefully built around it being a factor. Dos isn't, Dos2 is built around mitigation and counter play. RNG games also suffer from accuracy being the most important stat to build up, it's not a good system for a strategy game as everyone will want to aim for 100% hit rates anyway

i have no words. Seems like u playing with tons of troubles on classic mode.
But u right in one thing - "carefully built" - i want that in DOS too smile

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