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Yes, but we already have the possibility to split dmg. U cold have weapon with mag and phys dmg. Or even Hybrid build.

Neither of those things is what I am talking about.

Some weapons have a fractional bit of added damage. They also can have runes attached. Neither is relevant to the system. 75% of the magic damage on the weapon, whether inherent or from runes, would hit magic armor, 25% would hit physical armor.

Hybrid builds are also not what I am talking about. They are inherently weaker because of stat-splitting, and weaker still because of their increased Memory requirements. I am talking about allowing pure fighters and pure mages to contribute, regardless of which type of armor the enemy has.

More easiest to leave CC as it is (some guys who shit on me here would be happy), but add dmg absorbtion from my image (w/o deminishing effect so it should be rounded or something).

The damage absorption thing seems pretty complicated and even more difficult to understand than my idea. It's also flawed because you are giving damage absorption to magic attacks as well, when magic attacks already have resistances to deal with. Physical attacks don't, so adding absorption to both still leaves magic attacks weaker.

Anyway binary CC is for binary players

What does that even mean other than "I don't like it so anyone who does is wrong"? Well fine. Anyone who does like non-binary CC is wrong. Now what?