Wizard1200, better give me an exemple from DoS not from Invisible Inc

Stabbey, now i understand what u mean. Sword could brake ur equipment as a result all types of defences. And again - the more ur items are broken the more dmg u will receive to HP (as on image but for both armor bars). In this case sword should deal (ph.armo/totalarmor) to phys and (m.armor/totalarmor) to mag armor.
exemple: if enemy have 600 p.armor and 400 m.armor Swords dmg will be splited in 60% dmg to ph.armor and 40% to m.armor.
So in your system we could have just 1 type of armor and result will be the same. Cos both armor types will be shreded simultaneously.

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Anyway binary CC is for binary players

What does that even mean other than "I don't like it so anyone who does is wrong"? Well fine. Anyone who does like non-binary CC is wrong. Now what?

simple systems for simple players
i didnt say "Anyone who does like non-binary CC is wrong"
in this thread i said only "Who thinks RNG is less tactical - is wrong"

P.S. I belive some guys who dont like variations will ask for more simple dialogues too... just two options in every dialogue: "Yes", "No" :)))

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