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Stabbey, now i understand what u mean. Sword could brake ur equipment as a result all types of defences. And again - the more ur items are broken the more dmg u will receive to HP (as on image but for both armor bars).

Errr.. I am unclear on this. Is this still talking about M/P Armor, or do you mean to put a durability attribute onto equipment so it will literally break during combat?

In this case sword should deal (ph.armo/totalarmor) to phys and (m.armor/totalarmor) to mag armor.
exemple: if enemy have 600 p.armor and 400 m.armor Swords dmg will be splited in 60% dmg to ph.armor and 40% to m.armor.

Sort-of. I am open to changing the numbers around, although I prefer the higher number because I want there to me more of a difference between M/P attacks. The closer to 50/50 the ratio is, the less useful is is to have different damage types/armors at all.

So in your system we could have just 1 type of armor and result will be the same. Cos both armor types will be shreded simultaneously.

I disagree with making one single armor type. That's too much of a simplification, it takes away some of the interesting strategy and gameplay from having the split in armor between different characters, and the split in status types.

I do not agree that both armor types in my proposed system will be shredded simultaneously, because enemies and PC's have different amounts of physical and magical armor. So one type or another will be faster to take down.

I generally like the current system, but the part about it which I find unsatisfying is that if the encounter is weighted towards one type of attack being favoured (usually Physical), the magic users on the team often find themselves only able to chip away at enemy magical armor while the physical damage dealers are tearing through the enemy health (after the low Physical armor is long-since depleted).