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I disagree with making one single armor type. That's too much of a simplification, it takes away some of the interesting strategy and gameplay from having the split in armor between different characters, and the split in status types.

I do not agree that both armor types in my proposed system will be shredded simultaneously, because enemies and PC's have different amounts of physical and magical armor. So one type or another will be faster to take down.

Even if dmg split percentages are not equal to armors split percentages (but should be equal than sword slice a robe) - both armors will be shredded almost at the same time. Its not interesting. Not tactical. Its the same to have just 1 armor type.

And i dont want 1 armor type too.

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Errr.. I am unclear on this. Is this still talking about M/P Armor, or do you mean to put a durability attribute onto equipment so it will literally break during combat?

We already have virtual durability - that numbers of armors on every item, and we could brake it in battles dealing dmg to gray and blue bars.

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