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[(Dont u forget that this values is on ur gear?)[/color]

Not sure what the relevance of that is?

U are striking with a sword. With every 100 dmg hit his pants loosing 100 total armor - and ofc its 35 p and 65 m. U can not shread with ur hits (for exemple) only magical protecting patrs of the pants smile

Yes, that is the idea. The idea being to make mixed parties of magical and physical damage dealers work better together.

P.S. Even if u split weapon dmg in some unlogical values like 10%/90%, in mid- and lategame it will be enough to shred all at the same time cos of OP dmg.

That's an argument against bad balancing of armor and power in the mid-to-late game, not against the general concept of splitting damage types.

it is not good that 1 party member coold shread both enemy resists at the same time.

But, in a properly balanced system, it is specifically NOT shredding BOTH resists at the same time.

The damage is split so that most of it goes to one type or another, AND enemy armor values are often significantly imbalanced as well. The biggest difference is that when one armor type falls, the opposing damage type isn't wasted taking down armor while the other teammates are doing health damage.

Of course a change like this would require rebalancing values of armor and health (and damage) for both players and enemies. And since that's not likely to happen, I think I've probably said enough on this topic as it is.