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Give an example of tactics you get from your system.

Your tactic is

1. Deal DMG to this one guy
2. Deal CC to this one guy
3. Leave lone dual-wands mage in peace cos he will not help 3 phys dd in that fight.

My tactic is

1. I will try to deal dmg to this one ranged guy
1.1 if i miss than i cant CC him and recive tons of dmg so my mage should be ready to heal and buff me some dodge and deal some dmg to increase my overall CC chances.
1.2. if i not miss, than my mage should not heal me but slowdown that melee enemy who is very close and TP him away

2. if 1.2 is true then i will try to CC that guy
2.1 if i miss with CC then i should prepare my resurecting scroll, but i have a good chances so ill take that risk
2.2 if i not miss with CC so all party members should focus that melee guy

so on

Big tree with many branches of decisions

I asked you to give an example that's better than dumping on the enemy and praying.

You gave the example of dumping on the enemy and praying.

Let's say your warrior starts off with battering ram to get into position, it deals damage and has an 20%-chance to knockdown anyone it hits. Next he uses crippling blow which has a 40%-chance to cripple.

Next, the mage casts lightning on the enemy which has a 50% chance to shock. Next he casts rain and everyone in the puddle has a 50%chance to be shocked or stunned.

Next turn, one of the enemy takes a step, but he lost a coin toss and loses his turn because he was already shocked and now he's stunned.

Another enemy, who had low physical armour and is at a 70% chance to be shocked, can't move so he takes some swings but that's it.

Next the party ranger uses elemental arrows and ricochet to to shred more armour and maybe shock / stun more people.

Next an enemy mage wants to heal an ally, but he can only heal magic armour, which isn't going to improve things much and it all seems a bit pointless.

Conversely, in proper dos2. Healing is deathly important and worthwhile and you're more likely only concerned about 1 armour type at a time, the enemy have a chance to fight back and some degree of thought went into actions taken.

gambling on some rng cc affect is not a deep strategic decision. It's just a sign of gambling addiction.