I do however think your Absorb% is confusing and unintuitive to understand. You would have to keep a calculator with you to figure out how much health damage you'd do and how much armor you'd strip off.

Its Intuitive cos its realistic
U dont need to calculate alot if anyway u need to shread both armor and hp bars. U need to calculate just before full shredding like in current system too.

Um. Is that supposed to be a point in FAVOUR of RNG? Because it's actually the opposite. Not many people are able calculate 100 possible outcomes for every scenario in their head, and most would give up after a handful.

Just en exemple. In DoS2 its not like 10 and 100... more like 3 and 9 smile

And your system also is somewhat like a combined or one-armor system since it seems like all of both armors need to be stripped off completely before a status has a 100% chance to land.

could be separated CC chances for each armor

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