Those 100 options boil down to, use an attack with a cc effect and hope it works.

Read previous msg -> not 100 for DoS2. But more then in Non RNG system.

Aoe knockdown till it works

U mean using "no CD on spells" mods? smile

If you're just praying on cc working, you're just praying on cc working.

I dont need CC to kill everything smile
I dont Pray on CC
I just take risks and make decisions
And this thread not only about RNG CC

Conversely, current system tells you what to expect, but also tells you what options you have to counter and those moves matter because you won't randomly get picked off by rng.

I want randomly get picked off! Can u imagine?
Current system have alot of holes
btw, 50% of ingame CC already have RNG cos of lots of RNG factors/conditions, every weapon could have 5-20% of cc effect on it, and i dont want to repeat it 10 times on this forum.

P.S. btw chances is not fully RNG. There is a different RNG types. For exemple: u could not dodge 2-3 times in a row with 5% dodge chance, or miss few times in a row with 99% hit chance (PoE RNG system)

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