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I do however think your Absorb% is confusing and unintuitive to understand. You would have to keep a calculator with you to figure out how much health damage you'd do and how much armor you'd strip off.

Its Intuitive cos its realistic
U dont need to calculate alot if anyway u need to shread both armor and hp bars. U need to calculate just before full shredding like in current system too.

In the current version, to determine how much health damage I can do to an enemy, I need to compare my damage number with the remaining enemy armor. If the damage number is larger, I can break the armor, hit the enemy health and apply a status. If it is smaller, I cannot.

In your version, to determine how much health damage I can do to an enemy, I need to calculate what percentage of enemy armor is remaining and then calculate what percentage of the damage will go to armor, and what percentage will go to health. If I also want to know if a status will apply, I need to calculate the total percentage of M/P armor remaining, which only gives me a rough guess about whether the status will apply.

Hence why in my opinion, your idea is more complicated and less intuitive. (My idea of needing to take 75% of the damage is more complicated and less intuitive than the current system, but less complicated than yours.)

btw, 50% of ingame CC already have RNG cos of lots of RNG factors/conditions, and i dont want to repeat it 10 times on this forum.

I don't understand what you mean by that unless you explain.

I dont Pray on CC
I just take risks and make decisions
And this thread not only about RNG CC

"Taking risks" is praying on CC. Your system has RNG CC as a key component of it, so it is a fair thing to discuss.

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[color:#CC9933]P.S. btw chances is not fully RNG. There is a different RNG types. For exemple: u could not dodge 2-3 times in a row with 5% dodge chance, or miss few times in a row with 99% hit chance (PoE RNG system)

That's wrong. You absolutely COULD dodge 2-3 times in a row with a 5% dodge chance or miss a few turns in a row with a 95% hit chance.

It is UNLIKELY to happen, but it is POSSIBLE. That's what chances greater than 0% mean.