In your version, to determine how much health damage I can do to an enemy, I need to calculate what percentage of enemy armor is remaining and then calculate what percentage of the damage will go to armor, and what percentage will go to health.

tooltips/hints could calculate this and show.

I don't understand what you mean by that unless you explain.

if u dont want to read forum ill repeat.
- CC depends of dmg, crit and accuracy RNG
- RNG on ice
- RNG liquid appearence
- unpredictable terrain for warriors Rush or TP spells (u cant plan it until u use it)
- every ingame weapon could have like 5-50% chance of some CC. Use ricochet arrow and pray smile
- random autoteleportation
- fogs
- unpredictable movement (it shows 2 ap cost to move, but after steping on oil it cost like 4-5 to move to the enemy)

and alot more RNG factors and conditions - so the game is already fully RNG.

That's wrong. You absolutely COULD dodge 2-3 times in a row with a 5% dodge chance or miss a few turns in a row with a 95% hit chance.

Once again. There is a different systems for calculating chances. Some systems have some restrictions - if u already missed with 99% chance next chance will be increased to 100% and vice versa (something like this). Ur average chance still be the same - 99%, but u will never see 3 misses in a row. If u have played Path of Exile - they are using that RNG system

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