Yay more nerfs. Ok this one isn't as bad as the previous patches, but there was no reason to nerf Bone Widow or Chicken. Bone widow is powerful, but its low accuracy means that it does on average less damage than an Incarnate Champion at the same summoning level. It has a movement ability, but no useful attacks and no magic armor. I can see nerfing its vitality mainly because the amount was somewhat nonsensical, but even that would be unnecessary as HP doesn't mean a damn thing, especially for summons who are generally avoided by AI. Really, other summons needed to be brought UP to the Bone Widow's level

As for Chicken, I can only assume this nerf was intended to nerf the combination with Rupture Tendons. Of course, in order to use that combination you need to first break physical armor, then use 4AP worth of melee abilities, and you aren't even getting the benefit of Rupture's piercing damage. Basically it was just a fun way to finish off an enemy, again, not something that needed to be nerfed.

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