This is the campaign that I'm working on, that is when I can find some spare time to do it.

- Start your journey on what will (hopefully) be an epic -
adventure in the land of Dothnia.
- Set in an original fantasy setting, with a vast amount of lore.

Notes (Will be updated).

- Due to the lore pertaining the scenario, you should only create a character from one of the following races elf, human or dwarf. I don't have the skill nor do I want to use time scripting the lizard and the undead race out of character creation, so do yourself a favour and don't create a character from any of these races.
- Starting equipment reflects the presets class animation, e.g. the Ranger preset class is wielding a bow and will also be equipped with one at game start, so changing the ranger’s skills to warfare will be problematic as it will not equipped with a melee weapon. Only exception is the Wizard preset class, it will be issued a fire staff on game start.

The map:
- Map of Dothnia

The Shadow Shields (lore):
- Lore

Campaign narrative:
- Introduction to Escape from Ocgar Island

Please, when you read the material, bear in mind that english is my second language and creative written is not something I usually do.

Cheers everyone wave

P.S. I hope you find the easter egg that I hid in one of the two texts.

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