Please undo the following change:

"Can no longer unassign all characters from a player"

I don't know if you made this change to prevent griefing or something - if so, please find another way to fix that issue. I play this game with real friends and don't encounter that kind of nonsense.

However, we do run into plenty of issues with multiplayer gameplay, like the fact that NPC attitude shifts don't function logically until all characters are temporarily assigned to one player (which is the only way the game currently recognizes all characters as a "party" rather than a group of individuals competing against one another).

Unfortunately, now that you've removed the option to assign all characters to a single player (by preventing all characters from being unassigned from a player) it has completely botched a fairly vital workaround we use in multiplayer to get around the often broken multiplayer gameplay elements you seem to have no interest in fixing.