Sorry, i didnt got... what does 1T, 2T means? TIERs of CC power?

T for Turn, sorry it was obvious in my head

"Vazgar" 's brother called "Vazgor" is in the fight too.
Vazgor, 200 HP ( 300 P. Armor / 100 M. Armor )
Splitting ratio will be 75%/25%
btw, saying :
splitting damage, 75% to armor and 25% to HP
armor absorb 75% damage, rest goes to HP
seems the same, since i'm bad in english, maybe i don't get the nuance

Party composition is 4 ranger
You need 666 damage if you use physical damage only
maybe you can prevent the virtual HP boost by usgin penetrating attack.

Jumping to conclusion with a shorcut :

armor absorb a part of damage, rest goes to hp
then armor will be more durable and will prevent CC even more.
Less Chain CC bully and more synergy between physical & magical

you can avoid splitting damage to the remaining armor by using penetrating damage on regular ennemy.
and on boss, you allready deal magical damage at the same time if you have a mix party.
the only reason you could deal HIGH damage to magical armor using physical damage lie in the lack of magical damage output and the overpowered physical damage.
most of the time, it will be just a hindrance to people focusing with only physical or magical.
It will become a nerfed to people deciding to play full physical damage.

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