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if u dont want to read forum ill repeat.
- CC depends of dmg, crit and accuracy RNG
- RNG on ice
- RNG liquid appearence
- unpredictable terrain for warriors Rush or TP spells (u cant plan it until u use it)
- every ingame weapon could have like 5-50% chance of some CC. Use ricochet arrow and pray smile
- random autoteleportation
- fogs
- unpredictable movement (it shows 2 ap cost to move, but after steping on oil it cost like 4-5 to move to the enemy)

and alot more RNG factors and conditions - so the game is already fully RNG.

You are conflating general uncertainty in battle with crowd control. I don't think anyone is suggesting that all completely uncertain elements be removed.

In addition, a lot of what you list can be taken into account and mitigated.
- Damage ranges and critical chances provide a minimum value you need to hit. If your minimum attack power is above that, they you're likely to land it. If it's below and you get a high roll, that's a bonus
- You can put nails on your boots to prevent slipping, or move short amounts at a time, instead of trying to run all the way.
- There are skills to clear surfaces and magic armor to deal with limited exposure to them.
- Warrior spells and teleports are more to do with tactics, not crowd control
- the idea to add 5-50% chance of CC to every weapon is a recipe for utter chaos, not tactics. It's a very bad idea.
- What the hell is random autoteleportation, and what does it have to do with RNG for CC?
- There are skills and magic armor to deal with fogs.
- oil is not unpredictable, if you walk into it, it's almost always from sloppy planning and execution.

So I don't agree that those things mean that there's already random CC. Generally, its either the result of poor tactics from a player or smart tactics from an enemy (or the other way around if an enemy is affected).

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Ur average chance still be the same - 99%, but u will never see 3 misses in a row. If u have played Path of Exile - they are using that RNG system

Now I understand what you mean. I haven't played Path of Exile in years, and it's an action RPG. I haven't played Pillars of Eternity at all.

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No no. Stabbey was talking about dmg split on weapons - to deal both m and p dmg. Absorbtion was on the image.

No, actually I was talking about the split happening on the target side. I wasn't suggesting that every weapon get part of its damage changed to elemental damage.

I was suggesting that instead of now, where Physical Armor is completely unaffected by magical damage, and Magical armor is completely unaffected by physical damage, instead they are partially affected by damage of the opposite type.

Armor still absorbs damage going towards HP, until it is broken, at which point health starts being damaged, at the same ratio as the attack damages armor. If an attack does 100 Physical damage on a target with 200 PA and 0 MA, the attack does 75 damage to the armor (125 PA remaining) and 25 damage to health. If the attack does a Physical CC it will not land.