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In addition, a lot of what you list can be taken into account and mitigated.

U could mitigate many things even in RNG CC system.

Critical have huge influence on planning - i can shred full armor with crit or leave half or less w/o crit. So i could not plan my next CC.

Enemies cant get nails smile
Rain is unpredictable - cos of random water pools appearence - as a result shock too.

And all others things in my list are not only about player side RNG or CC RNG but about all that could not be planned. Cos not only RNG CC is a problem for some prayers - but unplanable and unpredictable moments.

so the game is already fully unpredictable and I dont believe that current system gives u possibility of 100% planning of ur turns... but ... u are still fighting for non RNG CC... (RNG CC its just few% of all unpredicteble moments in current game)

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So I don't agree that those things mean that there's already random CC.

weapon could have like 5-50% chance of some CC

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