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U could mitigate many things even in RNG CC system.

Critical have huge influence on planning - i can shred full armor with crit or leave half or less w/o crit. So i could not plan my next CC.

No, because you cannot count on a critical hit happening, the plan assumes that the hit will NOT be critical and land a CC. That is the opposite of not being able to plan.

And all others things are not only about player side RNG or CC RNG but about all that could not be planned. Cos not only RNG CC is a problem for some prayers - but unplanable and unpredictable moments.

I think you're constructing a strawman argument, making these fictional players who are really upset that anything at all they failed to see and plan for or anything they didn't want is bad and must be removed. That is ridiculous, and I don't think those players actually exist to any notable degree.

Then you are pretending that wanting one element - crowd control and/or status effects to be fairly reliably predictable is no different than wanting every single potentially unpredictable element removed.

I am not going to give any credibility to that strawman argument.

so the game is already fully unpredictable and u are still fighting for non RNG CC

You claim that the game is "already fully unpredictable", and yet you also claim that adding in even MORE unpredictability "increases tactics"? That doesn't make sense.

I could probably add in a "Wild Magic" spell, which delivers a random effect to all targets in an AoE, controlled by a dice roll, but that wouldn't make the game any more tactical or make planning more effective.

weapon could have like 5-50% chance of some CC

Oh I think maybe I misinterpreted what you were saying. Okay, now that I think about it, there are weapons which have chances to land status effects in the game. However, those are more like bonus effects, they are not things you can plan around. They also only apply once the relevant armor is gone.

The reason I forgot about those is because I actually don't even take those effects into consideration at all when deciding what weapon to use. I ignore them. Because they have random chances to apply and are only useful once the armor is gone anyway. I cannot count on those effects triggering, so I disregard them.