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Necro only has 3 direct damage skills not counting source skills and all 3 of them are single target skills. And if you are playing a beat stick mage, all of your damage is magical anyway so I don't know where you see warfare's usefulness in buffing necro (physical) damage.

As I mentioned before, lone wolf doesn't count.

You get double ability points and double attribute points (among other things) which basically allows you to do almost anything and still bulldoze through the game content (your necro life leech/living armour/geomancy build to outlast your enemies sounds somewhat interesting).

I had a look at game mods and there is a fair amount of those that are quite promising. Not only you already have permanent toggleable polymorph morphs (medusa head excluded for balance reasons), but you also have a mod for physical staves and wands as well as a mod that makes maces and clubs intellect based.

All of these are amazing game changers when it comes to planning your builds and they fix a ton of current build issues. I'd recommend those to everyone!

Lonewolf is the only way ive ever played DoS1 and DoS2 so its all i know. Lonewolf is stronger now then it was in DoS1 tho for sure.

I use physical dmg spells on enemies with high magical armour so i can CC them with warfare abilitys. The build is very fun u should try it, id use a 1h INT weapon and shield if there was a melee version for it (not using mods).

Sry for derailing a bit here just wanted to reply to ur post =)