After 162 hours in the game (tactician lvl-without any mods) i can say :Yes it's true. In my opinion the current armour system is the one of the best think in this game. U can do everything. U can use hybrid or pure builds. With good positioning and good supporting teams/skills and with good tactics u can beat every enemy in the way u want it. Sometimes there is a much to think about. Maybe u need reloading 5 or 10 times bat finally u can find the best method for you to win. DOS 2 not an easy game and one of the reasons is the current armour system.
But there are so many challenges in it because armour system. I read many negative things about armour system but i saw those people just want jump in the fight without thinking without tactics...just jump in and bum - tras- bim bam..People want to hurry. They want finishing the game in 30 min, run run run always, why? Please human calm down and enjoy the game. This game is not a Dungeon Siege or Baldur's Gate or XCOM (i love xcom 2) ect ect . This is a DOS 2!

Sry for my bad english . I use google translator. Good job Larian!