I have IDEAS.


But I don't know how easy they are to make. I'm not familiar with these tools, or with a lot of scripting in general. I used to mod Morrowind a bunch, but that was... well, that was a while ago. The closest I've come to making things in years has been Arma 3 missions. I've read up a bit on the wiki that Larian's put together, but a lot of that(last I checked) is on how to make things like a new ability or how to import resources. What I wanna do is systemic. Here are my ideas:

1: Physical Resistance on Player Armor and NPCs
I know physical resistance is a stat; and I want it more prevalent in combat encounters, as well as adding tradeoffs for it on chain/scale/plate. Is there any way to do this other than individually editing every single piece of armor and every NPC encounter?

2: Linear Item Scaling
I feel like high level items get outta control(particulary in armour value), so I want to adjust the formula. Can I do that? Or is it also a lot of manual editing?

3: Defense Stat Adjustment, Skill Changes, Adding a Status
I want to make most debuffs pierce armor(I know someone's already done a mod for this), as well as change skills so that some abilities only have a chance to fire off an effect. This is to be coupled with changing the defensive stats so that they resist debuffs and hard CC. Is this just tinkering with those things in the editor?

I don't actually expect an answer to this post but if someone does, it'd be great! I haven't got as much free time to mod as I used to so I'm kind of thinking about what I'm thinking about getting into.

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