The Chronicles of Divinity is an expansion to the main campaign spanning from start to finish (and beyond) and will be released in episodes.

Many of the new zones and smaller levels will also be available in GM mode.

Basic features (Finished or In Progress):

  • ◽ New main quests spanning over multiple acts.
    ◽ Dozens of new side-quests.
    ◽ Sail the High Seas with your own ship.
    ◽ One new Origin character with her own quests.
    ◽ Interactive "World Companions" and "World Events".
    Two new classes (so far), Shapeshifter and Prowler.
    ◽ New Source Masters, max cap of Source Points increased to 5.
    ◽ Minor visual tweaks and overhauls to the main campaign.
    ◽ Dynamic power scaling - Event and story based, following the player's level unless influenced by unique events.
    ◽ The Source Forge - One of Braccus Rex's many lost relics. Discover it and learn how to enhance your gear - Level it up to your level! Open up a whole new world of build opportunities. Or be lazy and find the master craftsman, if you happen to have a hefty wallet.
    ◽ New unique gear: Head/Neck/Ring slots sometimes offer new skills.
    ◽ Random world loot & enhanced loot tables.
    ◽ Entirely new spells, and re-balancing of existing spells.
    ◽ Custom atmospheres designed specifically for each zone.

Immediate future plans:

  • -- Start playtesting and squish bugs before launching Episode 1.
  • -- New Origin/Custom-specific special abilities unlocked at level 15.

As this has sort of become a hobby of mine, filling 2000 hours so far and going strong, I have a vague impression on how long it'll take me to finish the project. So the idea thus far is to finish up Fort Joy and then the zones for Driftwood and quests surrounding that, including some to help clarify some of the main story, then I can release the first episode while working on finishing up Driftwood and Nameless Isle, then release episode 2 while I work on Arx.

And keep going like that until I feel I've finished telling the story I want to tell smile

Development Team:
The Composer - Director | Story Writer | Scripter | Swiss Army-Knife
Skumleren - Mapper | Combat Encounter Designer
Milena - Asset producer | Mapper
Kalavinka - Dialogue writer
Baardvark - Item designer | Combat Encounter Designer
LadyCassandra - Quest Writer | Voice Talent


  • What if I don't like level scaling?

    Hence the dynamic part. It's both out of necessity, it's literally only just me scripting at the moment and the rebalancing task for the whole campaign would be huge (!), but the way it currently works adds a whole new layer of possibilities.

    Basically what this means is, enemies won't necessarily be exactly your level. I can fluidly change the level ranges of larger zones, type of monsters, or even have it change depending on in-world actions by the player. Say at some point you encounter a violent dragon. He's a world boss four levels above you. Tough! But earlier on you learned about dragons from a scholar in Driftwood, I could have that reduce the level gap between you and the dragon. This isn't actually a scenario, but a demonstration how it could be.

  • When will you be done?
    Playtesting for the first episode will start very soon. A couple of weeks after is when I hope to publish it for everyone.

    Episode 1 has taken a month longer than I had expected at the very start, but natural in retrospect as there has both been tons of childhood technical issues with the engine, as well as the learning curve. Having passed that and worked through good / less good workflows of going about with things should hopefully speed things up for the rest of the story :]

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