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You are too hung up on the warfare change here. The changes suggested is a nerf to every class type not only physical. Mages loose height advantage since its now restricted to bows and crossbows and can only get Crit dmg if they dual wield, so I guess Shadowblade? Huntsman, again restricted to bow and crossbow. So they are left with INT*Pyro/Aero/etc.etc
Ranger has FIN+Ranged*highground and added range (hello ballistic shot)
Dual Wielders have FIN/STR+dual dmg*Crit dmg
Two handed warrior RIP

About LW, i never argued their dmg output wich obviously is higher. Having double the uses of certain abilitys have huge benefits. More overall AP is also useful. Math looks pretty and all i know, but it doesn't take everything into consideration. I guess i will just have to try it out for myself.

You are definitely right. I didn't take mages and two handed warriors losing the crit multiplier into account. Must've misread some of the suggested changes. That's absolutely my bad. Again though, I don't find all of his suggested changes to be smart, but I believe his focus on making weapon skills more attractive is a step in the right direction.

On LW though, you should definitely try it out. It gets stupid really fast. Fin/Str cap = 200% (lw 400%), warfare cap 50% (100% lw), crit cap 200% (250%).

That's a whopping 750% vs 2000%(LW) in terms of effectiveness when stuff are maxed. That's usually where the complains arises from. Now toss in LW's tendency to proc executioner and their 6 AP each. It's really silly, just to see for yourself, just full min/max on two crossbow rangers and you'll quickly see. :P

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