I'm looking for suggestions to a lone wolf party.

I played through as Lohse (summon+necro) partnered with Sebille (scoundrel), and while I really liked Lohse's storyline, Sebille's seemed rather underwhelming.

I'm now playing as Fane (summon + necro, again) and I'm trying to decide who to partner up with to get the most interesting story/lore.
I'm currently joined with Beast, though still considering.

"The List"
Beast: plenty of dwarfiness in the story line, but I do not know how much more Beast will contribute.

Red Prince: Seems the dreamers are pretty much useless without him in the party.

Ifan Ben-Mezd: Caught some references here and there in my last play though, but I have a hard time imagining what effect having Ifan in the party will have.

Any suggestions are welcome.