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Also an idea for you if you can make it will be an immense work for campaign;

Make an island that have a castle which can be accesible via boat or a ship. Like Baldur's Gate or Pillars of eternity or other this kind of game types in rpg.

You can save the castle and own it. (Maybe a story based saving ? )

You can upgrade your castle building, hire mercenaries to defend its grounds, Can collect taxes, and while you are away there can be a script counter for attack on your castle can be invoked while you can defend it by your hireable mercs & more stuff like that ?... Can be fantastic smile

Hehe, cool idea! Though not something I'd divert my time to at this time, perhaps as an addition after the main story (after you've completed the game). In fact there is an island already, for similar but not similar at all purposes. That quest line begins in Fort Joy and develops in Reaper's Coast smile

As for helping hands, I'd welcome it! Anything to chip down labor to increase development speed. I'll throw you a discord link when that becomes relevant smile

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