First of all, it looks amazing! Really looking forward to see this mod published.
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...I have a vague impression on how long it'll take me to finish the project. So the idea thus far is to finish up Fort Joy and then the zones for Driftwood and quests surrounding that, including some to help clarify some of the main story, then I can release the first episode while working on finishing up Driftwood and Nameless Isle, then release episode 2 while I work on Arx.

And keep going like that until I feel I've finished telling the story I want to tell smile

Have you thought about savegame-compatibility?
I mean once the second episode is released, won't it require
one to start a new game in order for it to work? Or should it more be understood as the 2 first episodes are like "open betas" and when the 3rd one is published that is when the complete version is made. I'm guessing that you have some questlines that spans over multiple episodes as well!.

What about the possibility that Larian makes an Enhanced addition and/or an expansion pack (do people still say "expansion pack"?)?
Or are you more like "Nah come what might come, that's not stopping me from making this awesome campaign!".

PS. Sorry if the post is a bit gloomy, I really don't hope that any of this is going to be an issue, I just want to know your thoughts about it.

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