Cheers, @KentDA!

@MAHak: There's definitely quests spanning over several acts smile As far as DoS2: EE, if that happens, it's just great! Always new things to learn, by that time if I'd have to restart, everything's better the second attempt smile

I'm still working on how best to go about launching things. It's also important to me not to publish something and keep people waiting a long time in between, so it's a juggle. I don't really dare answering that with specifics as it's still only been a couple of weeks. I'd prefer not to require complete restarts every time, working at finding ways to, or waiting for a solution to add more content to a mod while mid-ways in a save.

EDIT: Oh, and also...
"Nah come what might come, that's not stopping me from making this awesome campaign!" opa

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