Saw your post in my help thread, read your signature.. smile

This looks like a mod i'd definitely play once it's done, hope you don't abandon it.

However, (personal) caveat:
I see this often with modders, packing disparate or multiple aspects into one big package, which is often enough more of a disadvantage than anything else.
Here for instance.. It looks like you know your way around your editor, have good ideas, can type like a proper human. Perfect, quality content incoming ^^
So why not stick to content? As in, why "dillute" that by adding changes to 'default' skills/spells, changing 'default' source points, rebalancing the base game, etc? Becomes way too subjective/convoluted at that point; would be better if you kept separate aspects.. separate really. Could always add a separate 'expansion' for your mod smile
Again, just an opinion.

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