Hi, not sure if these has already metioned but here it goes:

1. The ability to manipulate turns in combat. Currently it is not possible to do so, but in a tabletop this is possible and I think it should not be so difficult to implement.
2. The ability to manipulate the number of APs of each player and NPCs within the combat. There are actions that occur during a GM game that are not part of the mechanics of the game but are possible in a D&D environment such as trying to push an NPC off a bridge or platform and that should cost APs. Currently, the player is asked to make a simple attack on an irrelevant area to spend those used APs trying to push but the GM should be able to manipulate them.
Another aspect of this topic and the first is that when you move, like Game Master, a player while in combat the game automatically repositions him in the order of combat by modifying his initiative which should not happen because sometimes the GM needs to reposition a player or NPC in combat without this involving a change in the order or initiative of combat.
3. The ability for the GM to take control of a player's character, i. e. a PC, and also the ability to give control of one or more NPCs to a player.