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You're not contributing anything constructive to my thread. Please stop derailing it with random anecdotes and useless generalizations about the community.

What anecdotes? I didn't post any anecdotes. Also pretty sure that "+/- 200 people" is a far cry from a generalization.

Do you know what the words you use even mean?

You're posting the numbers of downloads of some random files that somehow indicate how many people hack this game. You're using this information as the sole basis of your argument to convey this. This all despite evidence on Steam that directly contradicts this - presuming it could even be used as a reliable measurement, which of course it can't.

The reason you're just being annoying for the sake of being a nuisance is nothing you said makes any sense, nor was it even on-topic to what was the main point of the thread. Your complete inability to understand that is why I'm going to block you.

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