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Never saw anything like that happen, unless you mean
the thing which happens at the very end of Act 3, and I said no to that because Duna was being kinda a dick about Dallis coming in and stealing the well, as if it was my fault that she had some bullshit back door teleporter shortcut. Also, at that point it was blatantly obvious he was about to try to kill me.

Lol, I never understood why the Gods get super butt hurt about Dallis crashing your party. I guess they're just lashing out? Since they're about to die and turn on you to try and get some of their investment out of your corpse.

No, I mean the seven altars scattered all over the place in their temples. You have to pray to each one for it to reveal the symbol so you can enter it into the Lunar Gate to gain access to the Academy or whatever it's called. While praying, the other Gods try to hamper your efforts by cursing you sometimes.

You never did this? :O

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