I'm playing GOG version of the game, which might have its own issues. Keep that in mind.

As for me:
1) Divine (achievement for completing game in Tactician mode) - I didn't receive it, maybe because of respecing character
2) Fane related achievements are somewhat broken - I was able to unlock both of them only after using Swornbreaker to break Covenant oath.
3) Sebille achievements, but only those related to Mother Tree (killing Shadow Prince worked fine, I played as Sebille); Beast achievements.
4) An Apple Day worked fine for me, same for Puritan's Walk (I used henchman to get it) and Chosen (I used persuasion options during dialogue)
5) I think it doesn't make sense that to unlock Ifan achievements you need to specifically play as him.

Achievements broken in other way (aka, I get them without reason):
1) Red Prince (All-Father, Life-Shaper and A Dream Undone) - I received both of them, without having Red Prince in party (in fact, he was long dead).
2) Kraken - received it without dealing even 1 point of damage to Kraken.

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Was it really me?