I have described a workaround on my workshop mod.
It is like this:
Create so you have the following path of folders:
...\Divinity Original Sin 2\Data\Public\Shared\Content\Assets\Character\[PAK]_armour\

NOTE The folder names are case-sensative so make sure it is exactly as above.

Go to ...\<<Your Username>>\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2\Mods
Extract the "sebille_armour_041....pak" file and place all files from the "Content\[PAK]_armours\" folder to the path you created first.
(...\Divinity Original Sin 2\Data\Public\Shared\Content\Assets\Character\[PAK]_armour\)

This should enable the mod passivly and not even disable achivments.

Note that instead of [PAK]_armour you have the name of your package in the mod tools. Also if you made the mod yourself you will not have the .pak file (unless you publish your project.) instead you have a folder located ...\Divinity Original Sin 2\Data\Public\sebille_armour_04...\Content\[PAK]_armours\
that is filled with .lsf files that you instead place in the location mentioned.