Christmas is almost upon us, so let's all write a letter to Santa Swen about what we would like to see in a potential expansion pack and/or DOS2EE. Feel free to add your own points.

"Dear Santa,
I have been a good Sourcerer this year. I really limited my Sourcery only to Blessing surfaces and I have slain many, many Voidwoken.

Being a Sourcerer is really hard, however.

  • Please add the missing skill trees, or allow us to vote on 2-3 new ones. I am personally rooting for Bard, Alchemist and Unarmed;
  • Please expand game content beyond act 2: the latter half of the game is full of cool location which, to an extent, feel empty :(;
  • Please unlock talents for modding, and in general remove several hardcoded limits - even if what I really wanted (possibility to add new elements) is extremely unlikely to happen :'(;
  • Please provide us with more/improved tools to ensure mods are compatible with each other;

I know these things look like a lot, but you made a lot of money with your big Black Pits bet!

Your favourite Sourcerer

PS: when you come to my ship, please be careful not to step on the undead cat. And don't look in the big mirror - you might end up as a different person."