We have some custom visual sets defined for NPCs and when running in the editor some of them produce the following errors repeatedly. It only seems to happen to females at this time. Any idea what this means?

[Footstep] character NPC_Dawn_001 with template bfb20228-81e1-4103-be5c-6f99481326f8 has no feet defined but is trying to play foot with ID 1

Category: Art
Count: 1
Timestamp: 05-11-2017 13:16:22:714
Function: ecl::Character::HandleFootstep
Location: EoCClient\Client\Character.cpp (4114)

eoc::Ai::ForEachAiCell : Unknown AiBoundType

Category: Code
Count: 3860
Timestamp: 05-11-2017 13:16:22:715
Function: eoc::Ai::ForEachCell
Location: d:\jenkins\workspace\repo\rs3.0_fw3.0\modnew\stable\lsprojects\apps\dos2\code\eocshared\shared\Ai.inl (27)

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