Some things I still wonder about...

1) What's up with the Voidwoken Fish Exchange item? Put a voidwoken fish in a barrel and cast it upon it, but nothing happens? What's it for?

2) In the archive of bloodmoon island is a Tenebrium chest. Where's it's key? Or the blade of the sword-part found there?

3) In the graveyard there's a small dungeon with a coffin that wont budge. Next room a pressure plate where if you stand on it the door closes and graphically steam comes out of the vents, but nothing happens. What's up with that area, and is the tomb openable?

4) How do you finish the "Love has a Price" side-quest? Or just bugged?
EDIT: I slept with her as Red Prince and got the Red Princess event.

5) What can you do with the Djinn's necklace to close the Wishful Thinking sidequest? Or just a bug?
EDIT: According to a walkthrough I can't sell it (I can) and guards should check for it (they don't). So... who do I need to poke to close this?

6) Anything to do with the Phoenix Egg? It's listed under "Magical Items"

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