I'm half way through my massive skill rebalance mod, which is intended for my own playthrough. Some of the changes I made:

1. Taunt
Instead of making it ignore Physical Armor, I turn Taunt into an offensive status effects rather than defensive. It reduces elemental and physical resistance, because Taunted enemies are too focused on trying to kill you.

2. Elemental status
Elemental status, such as Burning, Poisoned, Shocked, etc give moderate to massive reduction to corresponding elements. This is a buff to all magic schools by indirectly increasing their effective damage to Vitality, but damage to Magic Armor is unaffected because these debuffs are still resisted by Magic Armor.
I do NOT make them bypass Magic Armor, because the prevalence of fire/poison surface means my characters will be covered in these statuses for 90% of the game if I do.

One of the hidden purposes of this change is:
Wet can bypass Armor, and give a moderate reduction of Air resistance. This makes Air better at removing Magic Armor and applies Shocked and Stun.
Once Magic Armor is removed, you can apply Burning which gives massive reduction to Fire resistance. On top of the burning DOT (which I also buff), Fire becomes better at actually killing people.

3. Shackle of Pain
I lower the damage transfer of Shackle of Pain from 100% to 75%. Since there's no effective way to remove Shackle, this change is made to make it feels less frustrating when enemies throw it on your characters. To compensate for this nerf, I give Shackle some damage. This serves the dual purpose of giving Necro tree more attack skills.

4. More elemental damage bonus on weapons
Splitting Physical and Magic Armor is fine if people stop using only one type of damage. I improve the elemental damage bonus on weapons, so even if you are using all physical team, you can still take away a good portion of magic armor from enemies, which in turns allows you to use magical debuff.

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