If D:OS1 is anything to go by I wouldn't get my hopes up. Last time cross-platform development clearly wasn't taken into account when choosing the tools/libraries for the game, which made porting much harder than it could have been and which they received quite a bit of flak for.

Given how they have gone out of their way not to commit to any other platforms I fear this time is no different, not to mention that many people on other platforms still appear to be sour due to how things went last time (resulting in an even smaller potential market than the first time around, I imagine).

If you really want to play the game I'd recommend trying to get access to a Windows machine somewhere (or use some virtualisation tool on your Mac)

* as usual this is imho (unless stated otherwise); feel free to disagree, ignore or try to change my mind. Agreeing with me is ofc also allowed, but makes for much worse flamewarsarguments.

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