So editor patch v3.0.158.708 has completely broken my Noisy Crypt campaign. The mod has a dependency on Origins and definitely does some things in non-optimal ways, but it was a product of its time.

That said, I am assuming that the story needs to be rebuilt. Problem is, when I try to rebuild it I get an error in one of my scripts because it uses CharacterSawCharacter as the second condition of a rule. I went to change the order but the editor will not allow me to save the file. I get the following error:

ScriptItem has changes but is not writeable - This should not be possible!

Category: Code
Count: 1
Timestamp: 12-12-2017 20:17:13:936
Function: StoryPlugin::StoryEditorBackend::SaveGoalsToDir
Location: ..\StoryEditorBackend.cpp (425)

The goal in question is a sub-goal of "Start", which was copied to my mod and some changes made there to character creation. Hence, the goals look like:


I can't modify and save the NPC_Hugh goal. Why is this?

Also, what is the intended use of the DOS2ModWrapper goal now? It was added in the last patch but to my knowledge there was no explanation for why it's there. Is it just to segregate off the common PROC stuff from the campaign to better isolate changes? We shouldn't actually be adding stuff under there for our own campaigns should we? The "Sandbox" goal is still under "__Start", so is that where you expect standalone campaigns to add their own goals in most cases?

*EDIT* - Just to be clear, I can workaround this by hand editing the raw text file but I'd like to understand better what is going on.

Thanks smile

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